At Daffodils we believe that all children are capable, curious learners and our Woodwork Shed allows them to explore their physical and creative skills freely. Children first learn and familiarise themselves with the different tools, exploring using hammers and saws safely with adult support. Woodwork requires focus, co-ordination, and problem solving where children plan, assess and test their ideas. Building children’s physical skills, both larger motor and fine finger movements, are essential for setting the foundations for the skills required in mark making and writing. As children’s self-confidence and skills develop, they begin to draw their plans and are able to self-select and use tools appropriately for the task ahead. What an achievement! We have had such wonderful creations from dinosaurs, to helicopters, even a mirror. The possibilities are endless, and all abilities are welcomed! The Woodwork Shed provides the perfect motivation for children to have a go at using a pencil and paper to first draw and label their ‘plan’ with adult support, before heading to the tool shelf to bring their plan to life!

Daffodils Outdoor Nursery
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