Please have a look through the most common questions we get asked by clicking on the headers below. If you have any other questions please give us a call on: 07858460419 or fill in our Daffodils Nursery contact form.

What do you do if it rains?

Play!! Remaining warm and dry is the most important element to create happiness and creative play in all weathers. Whilst the trees themselves do offer some shelter, we also have a large dome structure with a big sliding door, which provides us with shelter from the wind and rain when needed whilst still allowing us to make the most of the fresh air. We are very fortunate in that we also have a cosy indoor space on site, so in extreme weather conditions we always have a place to go to get warm and dry. Our indoor space will also be used for other social times such as when we meet and greet children in the morning.

Do you go out in all weathers?

Well most. It’s only high winds that will stop us going out into our garden area because of the danger of falling branches, or in torrential rain if the children have already exhausted their change of clothes! In very cold weather the children will be dressed up warmly and remain active. We do have the option of going indoors, with plenty of space to play and learn, and we will make the most of this cosy, warm space. But yes, mostly we will be outdoors.

What if my child needs a rest?

We know that it is important for the children to have periods of proper rest during the day. There are natural breaks in the day when the children sit and talk or just relax. In warmer weather, the children will sleep under the trees in hammocks and on cosy sleep mats. We also have our amazing indoor space which we can use for rest and relax time, especially in very bad weather.

What is the adult: child ratio?

We always follow the legal requirements for the ratio of adults to children. However, we feel that to provide the best quality childcare, adult to child ratios will be higher than the government recommendations, especially during outdoor play opportunities where we allow children to take part in risky, challenging play and learning. There may be short periods of times where our desired ratio falls slightly, such as during staff breaks or the period between new children starting and recruiting new staff, but will never fall below legal requirements.

Are the children provided with lunch/snacks?

We do not have facilities to provide children with lunch, therefore you will be required to provide a packed lunch for your child with an ice pack to keep contents fresh. We do provide a breakfast snack before we begin our day, served between 8:00 and 8:15am. We also provide a healthy morning and afternoon snack and drink, as well as a nutritious tea at around 4:00pm

Do the children need to be toilet trained?

No! We will work with your child and you at whatever stage you are at with regards to toilet training. We have toilet and changing facilities on site in our indoor space. We recommend that you pack lots of spare clothes if your child is currently in the process of toilet training. We also find that trouser and jacket waterproof sets are much easier than all in one suits if your child is toilet training as they can be more independent with dressing/undressing quickly and are less likely to have accidents.

Can my child attend part time?

Of course. We ask for a minimum of three sessions for continuity for the children, but we aim to accommodate parent’s requests as far as possible. (one full day equals two sessions) It could be five mornings or two whole days or any combination that we can make work with the number of places.  We believe that full day sessions allow your child to make the most of the unique learning opportunities we provide.

Can you offer government funded sessions for 2, 3 and 4 year olds?

Yes, please see our information booklet for details of our funded options.

Do I need to buy specific clothing/footwear?

Because of the amount of time we aim to spend in the outdoor environment, it is extremely important that your child is kitted out daily with the recommended clothing and footwear. Please see the kit list in our information booklet for more details. This is in the best interest of the children to keep them comfortable throughout the day. Children who are not provided with appropriate clothing will be unable to attend.

How will you support my child to settle in?

We appreciate what a huge step it is for both the child and parent/carer to step into nursery life, and we acknowledge that fears may be manifested by both the child and adult. Our aim is to support your child as best we can as they enter this new chapter.

After your initial visit to meet staff, ask questions and explore the outdoor environment with your child, we will then invite you back for 2 to 3 settling in sessions a week prior to your child’s first day.